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Terms and Conditions

This agreement manual contains operational guidelines for users. Offshore Employee is a leading IT and Technical Resource Outsourcing service provider based in Pakistan. All website users need to abide by the following terms and conditions. Accessing the website will automatically accede to the prescribed terms and conditions of usage. Whosoever does not tend to follow these guidelines should not use it to avoid any inconvenience.

All the information mentioned in this statement may be changed or updated with/without prior notice to site users. Offshore-Employee may modify any services-related details on this website, remove/change linked web pages, and append third-party integrations. It may update the website content from time to time and upload new visuals or change design layout without notifying its users.

Copyright Issues

All forms of content published on are regulated by international copyright policies and intellectual property laws. Offshore-Employee also values the online content regulation arrangements of other similar category websites.

Everything from textual to visual, audio, video, images, icons, and related documents of this website are copyright protected. The website users are not supposed to replicate, reproduce, transmit, sell, publish or distribute the content (full or in part) of the site, related documents, and linked web pages. However, users can use the website content and print any number of copies for personal or non-commercial use.

Unsolicited or commercial use of the website content in any form may be considered a copyright violation and may call for any legal action or penalty. Offshore Employee respects the user privacy and personally identifiable information stored in the website database and doesn’t intend to sell, share, or distribute user data with third-parties.

Using the ‘Call to Action’ interface may amass material from the user through this website, and all information material received in this way will automatically lose proprietary rights. It pertains to the fact this information material will be belonging to the company and can be used, reproduced and distributed without the prior consent of users it belongs to.  However, the company will use only basic information such as user name and email address, and not the sensitive information like banking details or credit information (if asked for) provided they authorize the company to use their information in addition to their names.

Offshore Employee allows the users to send their queries, suggestions, or complaints through call-to-action buttons and feedback interfaces. Users posting malicious, obscene, or defamatory content in any sense may be blocked from the site usage or face some grave legal penalty. Users need to be conscious of what content they share or post through this website.

Third-party sites and web pages may be linked to this website such as social networking platforms which follows their own user agreements, privacy, and cookies policies. Offshore Employee holds no control and liability for the content, products, and services provided or endorsed by these third-party websites.

The company will not be responsible for any content or policies of third-party sites, documents or web pages linked to this website; hence, will not be accountable for any defiance of privacy practices and security breach relating to these sites.


Offshore Employee strives to post the best possible content but does not promise the authenticity, and statistical accuracy of the information shared available on this website.

Viruses, Trojans, and other malware through any route or third-party sites may affect the website, its linked pages, and/or other related documents. Offshore Employee will not take any reasonability for such attacks and removing all Viruses, Trojans, and other malware. However, the website admin will try to ensure a malware-free site.

All content published on is provided on “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis; without any warranty including the linked sites and/or related documents.

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